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Afghanistan - Some governors reshuffled, others sacked

Afghanistan - Disbelief at Hezb-e-Islami Using Female Bomber

IMU's leader for Kunduz captured during raid

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader directed the group's operations in the northern Afghan province, and provided training and direction for IED attacks against Coalition and Afghan forces.

Coalition Sharply Reduces Joint Operations With Afghan Troops

NATO order changes way it will fight Afghan war

Analysis: NATO pullback heightens doubts about Afghan strategy

A female suicide bomber from Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin killed 12 people in Kabul. A suicide bomber wounded three US soldiers in Kunar. The Taliban killed four Afghan soldiers in an IED attack in Herat. ISAF captured a Taliban leader involved in the assault on Camp Bastion.

ISAF captures Taliban leader involved in Camp Bastion attack

Female suicide bomber from Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin strikes in Kabul

Eight foreigner workers, including Russians and South Africans, and four Afghan civilians, were killed in the blast near Kabul International Airport.

US Warns Judge's Ruling Impedes Its Detention Powers

Post-2014: Taliban cadre warns of civil war in Afghanistan

The US has suspended combat operations with Afghan forces. ISAF killed an al Qaeda facilitator, an Afghan soldier who killed a US soldier and defected to the Taliban, and more than a dozen insurgents in airstrikes in Kunar. ISAF apologized for an airstrike that killed eight women in Laghman.

US military suspends combat patrols with Afghan forces

The suspension of combined combat patrols by units below the battalion level takes place as green-on-blue attacks continue to spike.

Al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike

Asadullah is the second Afghan member of al Qaeda killed in the past week. He organized and directed attacks, and was behind the Aug. 8 suicide attack in Asadabad that killed three US soldiers and a USAID employee.

Taliban provide some details on Camp Bastion attack

Taliban Raid on NATO Base Inflicted Severe Damage

Tough words from general on Afghan insider attacks

Six Harrier strike aircraft were destroyed and two more were damaged, and three refueling stations were destroyed during the Sept. 14 suicide assault on Camp Bastion. An Afghan policeman killed four ISAF soldiers in Zabul. ISAF captured a Taliban commander who downed a Kiowa attack helicopter in Logar on Sept. 5. ISAF reportedly killed eight civilians in an airstrike in Laghman.

Afghanistan - Experts blame base attack on intelligence failure

ISAF captures Taliban commander behind the downing of US helicopter