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NATO chief: rogue Afghan attacks will not hasten pullout

Karzai's choice for Afghan intelligence chief suspected of torture, trafficking

Afghans Terrorized By Border Shelling As Blame Game Goes On

Suicide bomber kills 30 Afghans in attack at funeral

The attack took place as local government officials attended a funeral in the Door Baba district in Nangahar province.

Egypt and US near deal on debt relief

Pakistan - Lower Dir border with Afghanistan sealed: DCO

Four policemen and four Taliban fighters were killed after the Taliban ambushed a column transporting the governor of Kapisa. Seventeen people were killed during clashes between the Taliban and "illegal armed forces" that broke out in Kunduz. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south.

Afghanistan - Lawmakers Concerned at Rise of Illegal Militia

Obama gets ahead of himself on Afghanistan pull-out

The US has suspended the training of the Afghan Local Police due to the spike in green-on-blue attacks. The Taliban killed five border policemen in an IED attack in Nuristan and a district council member in Helmand. Security forces captured a Taliban fighter who killed two US troops in Helmand, and detained a suicide bomber in Balkh.

Combined forces arrest Taliban insurgent wanted for deadly 'green-on-blue' attack

Haqqani Behind Wardak Double-Suicide Attack: NATO

Taliban release video of beheaded Pakistani soldiers

TTP-beheading-video-Bajaur-082012.jpg"Mujahideen slit the throats of 11 army-men in light of Shariah Law," the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's spokesman said.

Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

Taliban claim sympathetic Afghan soldier killed Australian troops

President Obama said the Taliban's momentum has been broken. Taliban suicide bombers killed 10 civilians and two policemen in Wardak. The Taliban killed two US soldiers in Ghazni. An al Qaeda commander was killed on Aug. 3 in an airstrike in Kunar.

Taliban suicide bombers strike in Wardak

Senior al Qaeda leader, facilitator killed in airstrike in Kunar

Abu Walid, also known as Amru Mastur al Ghamrawi, was one of two al Qaeda leaders who were killed in an airstrike in the Watahpur district in Kunar on Aug 3. ISAF launched two airstrikes in Watahpur on Aug. 3.

US Seems Set to Brand Haqqanis as Terror Group

The Taliban beheaded a boy in Kandahar; another girl was found beheaded in Kapisa. The Taliban killed two policemen in an IED attack in Herat and executed five civilians in Ghazni. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained several others in Paktia, Logar, and Ghazni.