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Abu Sayyaf kidnap victim survived 6-month ordeal by praying, says paper

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms

Abu Sayyaf Group threatens to kill German hostages

Islamists in Philippines threaten to kill German hostages

Philippine Bill Would Set Up Autonomous Region in Muslim-Dominated South

The Islamic State's global reach

Southeast Asian jihadist leader and bomb expert is alive, in Philippines

Zulkifli bin Hir, a most-wanted terrorist linked to Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, and the KMM who was reported killed in 2012, is operating in the southern Philippines.

Abu Sayyaf operative thought killed in US drone strike spotted in Philippines

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Rebel Rifts on Island Confound Philippines

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Official: Clash that killed 14 Filipino marines and militants part of new US-backed offensive

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Philippines - Militants threaten Manila peace deal

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US troops see terrorism threat diminish on Philippine island of Mindanao

Philippine police boost security after bomb scare

Tracking Terror: Malaysian tells Philippine ordeal

To be abducted in the Philippines

A look at major terror attacks in Southeast Asia