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July 31, 2012:

Senior Haqqani Network leader urges Turks to wage jihad in Afghanistan

July 30, 2012:

Ex-Guantanamo detainee surrenders to Saudis

July 29, 2012:

6 Uzbeks killed in North Waziristan drone strike

July 30, 2012:

Mujahideen Shura Council calls attack in Israel a 'gift' to Zawahiri and al Qaeda 'brothers'

July 28, 2012:

Army of Islam fighter from Gaza killed in Syria

July 27, 2012:

NCTC director: 'We remain at war with al Qaeda'

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked leader in southeastern Afghanistan

July 25, 2012:

Special operations forces target al Qaeda-linked leader in Nuristan

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims nationwide attacks that killed more than 100 Iraqis

July 24, 2012:

Slain Syrian official supported al Qaeda in Iraq

ISAF kills IMU leader in Afghan north

July 23, 2012:

US drone strike kills 12 'militants' in North Waziristan

Taliban release video of Haqqani Network suicide assault on FOB Salerno

July 22, 2012:

Omar Farouq Brigade calls on Muslims to wage jihad in Syria

July 21, 2012:

Taliban attack rival militias in Pakistan

July 20, 2012:

Report highlights emails from Fort Hood shooter to al Qaeda cleric

ISAF captures IMU leader in Afghan north

July 19, 2012:

Suicide bomber targeted Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

July 18, 2012:

Suicide bomber kills Syrian defense minister, top security officials

July 17, 2012:

US adds Bahraini citizen to terror list for serving as al Qaeda trainer

IMU eulogizes Turkish fighter killed in northern Afghanistan

July 16, 2012:

Taliban suicide assault team strikes police station in Bannu

July 14, 2012:

Suicide bomber kills Afghan MP, 22 others at wedding

July 13, 2012:

Jordanian jihadist killed in fighting in eastern Afghanistan

July 12, 2012:

Bin Laden loyalist transferred from Guantanamo to Sudan

Taliban kill Pakistani policemen in Lahore

Egyptian jihadist killed in fighting in Syria

July 11, 2012:

Suicide bomber kills 20 police cadets in Yemeni capital

July 10, 2012:

Senior al Qaeda ideologue freed in Mauritania

Special operations forces capture 2 IMU leaders in Afghan north

July 9, 2012:

Detained UK suspect trained by Shabaab

Pakistani jihadist groups fundraise, recruit openly in Rawalpindi

July 8, 2012:

Jamaat-ud-Dawa banners dominate Defense of Pakistan rally against reopening of NATO supply lines

July 6, 2012:

US drones kill 17 'militants' in North Waziristan strike

2 Eritrean officials designated for supporting Shabaab

Laskar-e-Taiba commander killed in recent airstrike in Kunar

July 5, 2012:

5 ISAF soldiers wounded in latest green-on-blue attack

Afghan police arrest 8 linked to poison attacks against schools in northern Afghanistan

July 4, 2012:

'We will carry attacks on NATO supplies with a new spirit,' says Pakistani Taliban spokesman

Al Nusrah Front claims series of suicide attacks, ambushes in Syria

July 3, 2012:

4 AQAP fighters killed in drone strike in southern Yemen

Saudi al Qaeda commander confirmed killed in Kunar airstrike

July 2, 2012:

Report: Al Qaeda trained Mumbai attackers

ISAF targets al Qaeda leader in Kunar

July 1, 2012:

US drones strike again in the Shawal Valley


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