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May 31, 2012:

IMU eulogizes military commander, media operative

May 30, 2012:

Emir tells of Taliban's rise to power in remote Pakistani tribal agency

May 29, 2012:

ISAF kills al Qaeda's 2nd in command for Afghanistan

May 28, 2012:

US drones target local AQAP leaders in Yemen

Al Qaeda affiliate and Turaeg rebels merge, create breakaway state in Mali

ISAF targets al Qaeda leaders in Kunar

US drones kill 8 in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

May 26, 2012:

4 'militants' killed in latest US drone strike in Pakistan

May 27, 2012:

Omar Hammami calls for establishment of global caliphate

May 25, 2012:

Taliban confirm death of Nuristan's deputy shadow governor

May 24, 2012:

ISAF captures IMU facilitator in northeastern Afghanistan

US adds Abdullah Azzam Brigades to list of terror groups

US drones kill 10 in Mir Ali strike

May 23, 2012:

ISAF kills Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Nuristan

US drones kill 4 'militants' in North Waziristan

May 22, 2012:

Afghan NDS breaks up multiple terror plots across Afghanistan

May 21, 2012:

AQAP suicide bomber kills nearly 100 Yemeni troops in capital

May 19, 2012:

US drone strike kills 2 AQAP fighters in central Yemen

ISAF captures Taliban liaison to Peshawar Shura

May 18, 2012:

Omar Hammami releases part 1 of autobiography

May 17, 2012:

US adds Taliban financier, Haqqani Network operative to terror list

US airstrike kills 2 AQAP operatives in eastern Yemen

Pakistani Taliban release video of Bannu jailbreak

May 15, 2012:

US drone strikes kill 7 AQAP fighters, 8 civilians in Yemen

May 14, 2012:

Omani jihadist killed in US airstrike in 'Khorasan'

Mullah Dadullah Front claims assassination of Afghan High Peace Council member

May 13, 2012:

Senior Afghan peace council member assassinated in Kabul

May 12, 2012:

Afghan security forces kill 3 ISAF troops

US drone strikes kill 11 AQAP fighters

Taliban leader confirms infighting and vows revenge, plots to kill Quetta Shura leadership

May 10, 2012:

Suicide bombers kill 55 in Syrian capital

US drone strike kills 8 AQAP fighters

May 8, 2012:

US disrupts latest AQAP airline plot

May 7, 2012:

Analysis: Spinning Iran and al Qaeda, part 2

AQAP overruns Yemeni Army bases, kills 32 soldiers

Al Qaeda releases video of American captured in Pakistan

May 9, 2012:

Bin Laden docs hint at large al Qaeda presence in Pakistan

May 6, 2012:

USS Cole bomber killed in US drone strike in Yemen

May 8, 2012:

Security and stability in Afghanistan: progress and risk

May 5, 2012:

Analysis: Spinning Iran and al Qaeda, part 1

May 4, 2012:

US drones kill 10 in North Waziristan

May 5, 2012:

Bin Laden docs: Al Qaeda asserts authority in letter to Pakistani Taliban leader

May 4, 2012:

Taliban suicide bomber kills 20 in Pakistan's northwest

May 3, 2012:

Bin Laden told Shabaab to hide al Qaeda ties

Analysis: Nearly all of bin Laden's documents should be released

Bin Laden advised relocation of some leaders to Afghanistan due to drone strikes in Waziristan

ISAF captures IMU leader in Kunduz

May 2, 2012:

Taliban announce start of Al Farooq spring offensive

Taliban launch suicide assault in Kabul following Obama's departure

Afghan intel confirms death of senior Afghan Taliban leader, possibly 25 others

May 1, 2012:

Shabaab suicide bomber kills 3 members of Somali parliament


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