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April 30, 2012:

AQAP confirms commander linked to Osama bin Laden killed in drone strike

Al Nusrah Front claims credit for suicide bombing in Damascus

April 29, 2012:

German jihadist killed by US in March drone strike

US drone strike kills 4 'militants' in North Waziristan

April 28, 2012:

Taliban attacks kill 12 Afghan policemen

April 26, 2012:

Taliban website hacked for 3rd time in a year

ISAF captures IMU facilitator in Wardak province

April 25, 2012:

Egyptian jihadist killed in recent US Predator strike in Yemen

ISAF targets Haqqani Network commander linked to IMU

April 24, 2012:

AQAP commander thought killed in US drone strike

April 23, 2012:

Death of al Qaeda Shura member confirmed by widow

Taliban, Haqqani factions attack tribal rivals in North Waziristan; 10 dead

April 22, 2012:

ISAF targets IMU commander linked to Kabul suicide plots

April 21, 2012:

Afghan intelligence seizes 11 tons of explosives, thwarts additional terror plots

April 20, 2012:

2 Uighur Gitmo detainees transferred to El Salvador

April 19, 2012:

Taliban release photos, videos of Kabul suicide teams

April 18, 2012:

Ex-Gitmo detainee delivers ransom demands for kidnapped Saudi

Sudanese al Qaeda fighter killed in Yemen

April 16, 2012:

US Predators strike again in southern Yemen

April 15, 2012:

Taliban launch coordinated attacks in Kabul and 3 provinces

Pakistani Taliban assault prison, free nearly 400 inmates

April 14, 2012:

US drones kill 21 AQAP fighters in separate strikes in southern Yemen

April 12, 2012:

IMU facilitator killed during night raid in Afghan north

April 11, 2012:

Senior al Qaeda ideologue leaves Iran for Mauritania

US to conduct its last 'clearing' operation of the Afghan war

April 10, 2012:

Taliban suicide bombers kill 17 in attacks in south, west

April 9, 2012:

Special operations forces kill newly appointed IMU leader for Afghanistan

April 8, 2012:

US drones kill 8 AQAP fighters in southern Yemen

April 7, 2012:

ISAF captures IMU suicide attack facilitator, financier in raids in Afghan north

'We do jihad,' says Lashkar-e-Taiba emir Hafiz Saeed

April 6, 2012:

Suicide bomber kills chief of Kunar's peace council

April 5, 2012:

Turkish jihadist group has agreement to train with Afghan Taliban

Report: Osama bin Laden helped plan Mumbai attacks

April 4, 2012:

Shabaab claims bombing at Mogadishu theater

Suicide bomber kills 12, including 3 ISAF troops, in Afghan northwest

April 3, 2012:

US offers $10 million bounty for capture of Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed

April 2, 2012:

Afghan forces, families are prime target for Taliban, says commander


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