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January 31, 2012:

US drone strike kills 11 AQAP leaders, fighters: report

January 30, 2012:

ISAF, Afghan forces capture al Qaeda 'facilitator' in east

Afghan, ISAF troops kill IMU leader in north

January 28, 2012:

Islamist Egyptian MP calls for Zawahiri's return

January 27, 2012:

Al Qaeda releases video of Saudi al Qaeda fighter killed in Waziristan

January 26, 2012:

US adds IMU, IJU operatives to list of global terrorists

January 25, 2012:

ISAF captures senior Taliban commander in Helmand

January 24, 2012:

Ansar al Jihad swears allegiance to al Qaeda's emir

Shabaab suicide bomber targets Ethiopian troops

January 23, 2012:

Pakistani military accuses US of intentionally killing troops in Mohmand

US Predators kill 4 'militants' in North Waziristan

January 21, 2012:

British Shabaab operative killed in airstrike in Somalia

January 20, 2012:

AQAP commander says 'the Islamic Caliphate is coming'

January 19, 2012:

Senior al Qaeda leader killed in recent drone strike: report

Taliban kill 20 Afghans in suicide attack, bombings in the south

January 18, 2012:

Leaders of German al Qaeda cell living in Iran

January 17, 2012:

Algerian court sentences ex-Gitmo detainee to 3 years in prison

January 16, 2012:

AQAP fighters seize control of Yemeni town, swear allegiance to Zawahiri

January 15, 2012:

Hakeemullah Mehsud rumored killed in recent drone strike

January 14, 2012:

UN adds 2 Haqqani Network leaders to terrorist list

January 13, 2012:

Shabaab names new leader of Kenyan branch

January 12, 2012:

Taliban assassinate key district governor in Afghan south

Afghan Taliban vow to continue 'jihad,' reject Afghan constitution

US Predators kill 6, including 'foreigners,' in North Waziristan strike

January 10, 2012:

US drones strike in North Waziristan, end 2-month pause

January 11, 2012:

American fighter pictured with Shabaab commander identified

January 10, 2012:

35 Pakistanis killed in blast in Khyber market

Suicide assault team kills 7 Afghans in the east

Omani jihadist killed during fighting along Afghan-Pakistani border

January 8, 2012:

American Shabaab fighter and commander pictured together

January 9, 2012:

Taliban appoint al Qaeda-linked commander to lead Peshawar shura

January 6, 2012:

'Suicide terrorist' kills 25 in Damascus: Syrian state TV

January 5, 2012:

US adds Al Qaeda Kurdish Battalions to list of terror groups

Ansar al Islam names new leader

Pakistani Taliban execute 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel

January 4, 2012:

Afghanistan: US strategy changes to match drawdown of forces

January 3, 2012:

Afghan Taliban announces new 'political office' in Qatar

Al Qaeda brokers new anti-US Taliban alliance in Pakistan and Afghanistan

January 2, 2012:

Pakistani troops kill dangerous Taliban commander


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