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July 31, 2011:

US adds American, Kenyan Shabaab leaders to list of designated terrorists

Suicide bomber hits police station in Afghan south

July 29, 2011:

Jihadist with same name as Zawahiri's deputy reported killed

North Waziristan Taliban leader Bahadar denies reports he expelled 'militants'

July 28, 2011:

Treasury targets Iran's 'secret deal' with al Qaeda

Suicide assault team kills 19 in Uruzgan

July 27, 2011:

Taliban suicide bomber assassinates mayor of Kandahar

July 26, 2011:

Taliban shoot down US helicopter in Kunar

AQAP leader pledges oath of allegiance to Ayman al Zawahiri

July 25, 2011:

Internal divisions resolved, claims Caucasus Emirate

July 24, 2011:

Suicide bomber kills 9 Yemeni soldiers in Aden

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked Taliban operative in Afghan southeast

July 23, 2011:

80 Haqqani Network, 'foreign fighters' killed in raid on Paktika camp

July 22, 2011:

Norwegian police dismiss jihadist role in Oslo attacks

ISAF, Afghan troops strike Haqqani Network 'encampment' in east

Terror attacks in Oslo and Norwegian youth camp kill at least 27

July 21, 2011:

AQAP confirms deaths of 2 commanders in US airstrike

July 19, 2011:

Latest issue of Inspire highlights al Qaeda succession

Jordanian al Qaeda fighter killed in Afghanistan

July 18, 2011:

Video of brutal Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen emerges

July 17, 2011:

Key adviser to Karzai, member of parliament assassinated in suicide assault in Kabul

July 16, 2011:

AQIM suicide bombers kill 4 in Algeria

July 15, 2011:

US begins drawdown of forces from Afghanistan

July 14, 2011:

US airstrike kills 6 al Qaeda fighters in Yemen: report

Suicide bomber kills 4 in attack at Kandahar mosque

July 13, 2011:

21 killed in Mumbai bombings

Suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF troops in Kapisa

July 12, 2011:

Taliban claim assassination of President Karzai's brother

Predators kill 8 in South Waziristan strike

July 11, 2011:

US Predators kill 12 'militants' in North Waziristan

Suicide bomber kills 7 in northern Pakistan

July 9, 2011:

Senior Shabaab commander rumored to have been killed in recent Predator strike

July 7, 2011:

US intel believes Kashmiri killed in June Predator strike

Taliban step up cross-border attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan

July 8, 2011:

ISAF nations follow US lead, announce early troop drawdowns

July 6, 2011:

Alleged Shabaab operative to stand trial in New York

Taliban, Pakistani troops clash in Miramshah

July 5, 2011:

US Predators strike terrorist 'guesthouse' in North Waziristan

Suicide attack kills 35 Iraqis north of Baghdad

July 2, 2011:

Turkish jihadist commander executed by the Taliban in Waziristan: report

July 1, 2011:

The Gitmo Files: al Qaeda's alleged primary financial manager


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