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March 31, 2011:

Ex-Gitmo detainee criticizes Saudis in latest edition of Inspire

March 30, 2011:

Senior Jemaah Islamiyah leader in Pakistani custody

March 29, 2011:

DC Circuit Court finds Gitmo detainee was no 'Forrest Gump'

Caucasus Emirate leader may have escaped Russian raid

Northeastern Afghan district falls after Taliban assault

March 28, 2011:

Taliban kill 14 Pakistani troops in Khyber ambush

Taliban create Lashkar-e-Khorasan to hunt Predator spies

Taliban kill 20 Afghans in suicide assault

March 27, 2011:

Taliban capture scores of police recruits in Kunar

March 26, 2011:

Afghan Local Police vital to General Petraeus' strategy

March 24, 2011:

US adds AQAP bomb maker to terrorist list

March 23, 2011:

Suicide bomber kills 5 Pakistani policemen

March 22, 2011:

ISAF captures IMU leader who ran terror camps in Afghan north

Afghan al Qaeda/Taliban commander threatens to avenge Pakistan drone strike

March 21, 2011:

Taliban punish 4 'spies' for recent deadly airstrike

March 20, 2011:

ISAF strikes at 4 IMU commanders in 'safe haven' in Afghan north

March 18, 2011:

North Waziristan tribal leaders vow to wage jihad, carry out suicide attacks against the US

ISAF targets Taliban commander linked to 'suicide camps' in Afghan north

March 17, 2011:

Afghan peace council reportedly seeks talks with Taliban commanders held at Gitmo

Pakistan's Army chief 'condemns' US Predator airstrike in Datta Khel

US Predators strike again in al Qaeda stronghold of Datta Khel

March 16, 2011:

ISAF suspends ground commander, helicopter crew during investigation into civilian deaths in Kunar

US Predators strike in Datta Khel area in North Waziristan

March 15, 2011:

American Shabaab commander alive, says US intel

March 14, 2011:

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan, kill 6

Suicide bomber hits Afghan Army recruiting center in the north

March 13, 2011:

US Predators strike again in Pakistan's tribal areas

US Predators miss target in South Waziristan strike

March 12, 2011:

Raid in Afghan east targets Hizb-i Islami Khalis leader

March 11, 2011:

US Predators kill 5 in al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

ISAF kills, captures IMU leaders in Afghan north

March 10, 2011:

Suicide bomber assassinates Kunduz police chief

Special operations forces target IMU-linked Taliban commander in Afghan north

March 9, 2011:

US Predators are killing 'hardcore elements' and 'foreigners' - Pakistani general

Taliban suicide bomber kills 37 at funeral in Peshawar

March 8, 2011:

Shabaab commander Omar Hammami reported killed in Somalia

US Predators kill 5 in strike in South Waziristan

Taliban claim deadly Faisalabad blast, target Pakistani intelligence

March 5, 2011:

Doku Umarov vows to kill more civilians in 'war' with Russia

March 4, 2011:

Taliban kill 9 in bombing at mosque in northwestern Pakistan

March 3, 2011:

Taliban suicide bomber kills 9 in Hangu; 6 police killed in ambush in Khyber

Suicide bomber kills 10 Iraqis in Haditha

March 2, 2011:

Punjabi Taliban, al Qaeda assassinate Pakistan's Christian minorities minister

Awlaki's emails to terror plotter show operational role

March 1, 2011:

Taliban execute 4 tribesmen 'spying for America' in North Waziristan

HIG media emir's capture leads to capture of 5 other commanders


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