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October 31, 2010:

ISAF: Haqqani Network suffered heavy losses in assault on Paktika outpost

October 30, 2010:

US Marines launch operation against Taliban stronghold near the Pakistani border

US troops repel Haqqani Network assault on eastern Afghan base

October 29, 2010:

Russian forces join ISAF in narcotics raid in eastern Afghanistan

October 28, 2010:

Analysis: Al Qaeda martyrdom tape shows nature and extent of terror group's reach in Afghanistan

US Predators kill 7 'militants' in Datta Khel strike

October 27, 2010:

US kills 6 in pair of Predator strikes in North Waziristan

October 26, 2010:

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander killed in Afghan north

October 25, 2010:

5 killed in bombing at shrine in eastern Pakistan

October 23, 2010:

Suicide assault team storms UN compound in western Afghanistan

October 22, 2010:

Siraj Haqqani sheltering in Kurram, near area of US helicopter strikes

Taliban bomb mosque in Peshawar, kill 5

October 21, 2010:

Analysis: Anwar Awlaki's message to Inspire readers

October 20, 2010:

Al Qaeda IED cell member properly detained at Gitmo, judge finds

Taliban step up attacks in South Waziristan

October 19, 2010:

'Al Qaeda associate' killed during Kunar operation

Caucasus Emirate launches suicide assault on Chechen parliament

October 18, 2010:

US Predators strike in Datta Khel, killing 6 'militants'

Iran sends another dangerous Shia terror commander back to Iraq

October 17, 2010:

Ex-Gitmo detainee reportedly surrenders to Saudi authorities

October 16, 2010:

Conflicting reports mean the death of senior Pakistani Taliban leader unlikely

October 15, 2010:

US Predators launch pair of strikes in Mir Ali

October 14, 2010:

Coalition, Afghan troops capture deputy shadow governor in Nimroz

October 13, 2010:

Analysis: Two ex-Gitmo detainees featured in al Qaeda's Inspire magazine

US Predators kill 11 'militants' in al Qaeda hub of Datta Khel

Senior Taliban leader killed in raid in Afghan northwest

October 12, 2010:

Brother of notorious al Qaeda operative denied habeas petition

'Salafist group' allied with Taliban, al Qaeda behind kidnapping of slain British aid worker

October 10, 2010:

US Predators kill 7 'militants' in al Qaeda hub in North Waziristan

October 9, 2010:

Judge finds that Kuwaiti Gitmo detainee was no charity worker

Al Qaeda leader linked to Iran may have been killed in recent Predator strike

Taliban torch 27 NATO fuel trucks in southern Pakistan

October 8, 2010:

US Predators kill 9 in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

Taliban assassinate Kunduz governor in attack at mosque

Senior bin Laden aide killed in recent Predator strike

October 7, 2010:

British, German jihadists involved in Europe plot killed in Predator strikes

Coalition kills Taliban's shadow governor in Badghis province

Suicide bombers kill 8 in attack at Karachi shrine

US Predators strike again in Mir Ali

October 6, 2010:

Taliban torch 35 more NATO tankers in Pakistan

US launches second Predator strike in North Waziristan

US Predators kill 6 in al Qaeda safe haven in North Waziristan

Coalition airstrike kills Taliban shadow governor in Afghan north

Taliban destroy 20 NATO fuel tankers in Quetta

October 5, 2010:

Al Qaeda's #3 misidentified again

IMU-linked Taliban shadow governor captured in Afghan north

Wanted Saudi al Qaeda operative killed in Afghanistan airstrike

October 4, 2010:

8 Germans said killed in Predator strike in North Waziristan

October 3, 2010:

Taliban torch another NATO fuel convoy in Islamabad

October 2, 2010:

More ties between al Qaeda plotter and 9/11 Hamburg cell revealed

US Predators strike twice in North Waziristan

October 1, 2010:

Report: Osama bin Laden ordered Mumbai-style attacks in Europe

Senior Taliban commander based in Pakistan detained in Kandahar


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