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September 30, 2010:

9/11 hijackers' mosque tied to recent terror plot against Europe

Germans, Britons linked to Europe plot killed in recent US Predator strike

Pakistan closes NATO supply route after latest US cross-border attack

September 29, 2010:

European terror plot begins to unravel

ISAF kills senior al Qaeda leader and an IED expert in Kunar strike

September 28, 2010:

Osama bin Laden's spokesman freed by Iran

US kills al Qaeda's leader for Afghanistan and Pakistan in Predator strike: Report

US Predators kill 4 'militants' in South Waziristan

September 27, 2010:

ISAF helos engage Haqqani Network fighters on the Pakistani border

US kills 4 'militants' in latest Predator strike in Pakistan

September 26, 2010:

US Predators strike again in Datta Khel

US helos kill 30 Haqqani Network fighters in strikes in Pakistan

ISAF hunts senior al Qaeda leader in Kunar

September 25, 2010:

ISAF, Afghan forces kill 30 Taliban in air assault in eastern Afghanistan

US Predators hit al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

September 24, 2010:

'Lady al Qaeda' sentenced to 86 years in prison

US, Afghan forces defeat Haqqani Network suicide assault on FOB Gardez

Senior Kabul Attack Network commander killed in Coalition airstrike

September 23, 2010:

US official explains National Counterterrorism Center's view of the enemy

Al Qaeda-linked IMU claims deadly ambush on Tajik troops

September 22, 2010:

US troops defeat Haqqani Network assault on base in Khost

Senior German al Qaeda operative thought killed in Predator strike in Pakistan

US launches new strike in Pakistan, Taliban commander reported killed

September 21, 2010:

US strike kills 16 in South Waziristan

September 20, 2010:

Suicide bomber detonates inside Somalia's presidental compound

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan

September 19, 2010:

25 Tajik soldiers killed in Islamist ambush

Latest US Predator strike kills 5 in al Qaeda hub in North Waziristan

September 18, 2010:

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban leader killed in Kunar

September 17, 2010:

ETIP leader killed in February Predator strike

September 16, 2010:

Coalition continues pursuit of IMU commanders in the Afghan north

September 15, 2010:

Latest US Predator strike kills 3 in North Waziristan

Iran-backed senior IMU commander captured in Afghan north

September 14, 2010:

US Predators strike again in Pakistan, killing 14 'militants'

4 killed in second Predator strike in Pakistan today

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan, killing 11 'militants'

September 13, 2010:

Coalition, Afghan forces kill 14 Taliban in Uruzgan

September 12, 2010:

US Predators kill 6 'militants' in al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

September 11, 2010:

Somali troops defeat suicide attack on Mogadishu port

September 10, 2010:

Kabul Attack Network commander killed in Coalition airstrike

September 9, 2010:

HIG facilitator properly detained at Gitmo, judge finds

Islamic Jihad Group commander reported killed in Predator strike

African Union troops repel Shabaab suicide assault on Mogadishu airport

Suicide bomber kills 16 in southern Russia

September 8, 2010:

US Predators strike in Pakistan for 4th time in 24 hours

US kills 18 'militants' in 3 strikes in North Waziristan

September 7, 2010:

Yemen arrests ex-Gitmo detainee who fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir

21 killed in blast at police station in northwestern Pakistan

September 6, 2010:

US strike kills 5 in al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

Suicide bomber kills 19 in attack on Pakistani police station

September 5, 2010:

IMU-linked Taliban district commander killed in Takhar raid

Iraqi troops repel al Qaeda suicide assault on Baghdad base

September 4, 2010:

US airstrike kills 8 in North Waziristan

'Taliban military commissioner' captured in Afghan north

September 3, 2010:

US Predators kill 15 'militants' in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

Suicide bomber strikes police station in Tajikistan

Taliban kill 55 in suicide attacks against religious minorities in Quetta and Mardan

September 2, 2010:

Libya frees ex-Gitmo detainee

20 Haqqani Network fighters killed in failed assault on US base in Paktika

Uzbek terror commander serving as Taliban shadow governor killed by US special forces

September 1, 2010:

Punjabi Taliban kill 29 in attacks on religious processions in Lahore

US Treasury sanctions Pakistani Taliban, top two leaders


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