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June 30, 2010:

Taliban attack airbase in eastern Afghanistan

June 29, 2010:

Karzai denies meeting Haqqani, General Petraeus says

Al Qaeda commander killed in US strike on safehouse in South Waziristan

June 28, 2010:

Afghan, US forces launch offensive in Kunar

June 27, 2010:

Afghan president meets with Siraj Haqqani: Report

Taliban commander reported killed in US strike in North Waziristan

June 26, 2010:

US airstrike kills 2 in North Waziristan

June 25, 2010:

US designates Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov a global terrorist

June 24, 2010:

Senior Jemaah Islamiyah commander captured in Indonesia

Coalition and Afghan forces kill Taliban commander in Kandahar

June 23, 2010:

Times Square bomber discusses Taliban ties at plea hearing

US, Afghan forces hammer the Haqqani Network in Paktia

June 22, 2010:

Taliban commander detained in Karachi

June 21, 2010:

Saudi Gitmo recidivists

June 19, 2010:

Al Qaeda commander killed in US strike in North Waziristan

US, Afghan forces kill 38 Haqqani Network fighters in Khost

US strike kills 16 in North Waziristan

June 17, 2010:

Al Qaeda operatives killed in North Waziristan strike

June 16, 2010:

Taliban kill 10 Pakistani troops, capture 40 more in northwest

Hizbul Islam faction in southern Somalia defects to Shabaab

Afghan Taliban deny being supported by Pakistan

June 15, 2010:

Taliban assassinate key district governor in Kandahar

June 14, 2010:

US, Afghan forces kill Haqqani Network commander during raid in Khost

June 13, 2010:

Russians capture, kill 2 top Caucasus Emirate commanders

June 11, 2010:

US kills 14 in 2 strikes in North Waziristan

June 10, 2010:

US Predator strike kills 3 in North Waziristan

Suicide bomber kills 40 at wedding in Kandahar

June 9, 2010:

Taliban destroy NATO supply convoy outside Islamabad

June 8, 2010:

Taliban overrun Frontier Corps outpost in northwest Pakistan

Afghan commandos strike at the Taliban in the northwest

June 7, 2010:

Evidence presented of US involvement in 2009 airstrike in Yemen

June 6, 2010:

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander killed in western Afghanistan

June 5, 2010:

Al Qaeda in Iraq is 'broken,' cut off from leaders in Pakistan, says top US general

June 4, 2010:

Senior Taliban commander killed in Kandahar

June 3, 2010:

Al Qaeda operative killed in South Waziristan strike

June 2, 2010:

Newly minted Taliban shadow governor in Afghan north captured

American jihadists

June 1, 2010:

Pakistani military ends operation in Arakzai

Afghan commandos retake eastern district from the Taliban


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