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September 30, 2008:

Pakistan's Taliban warlord: A profile of Baitullah Mehsud

Reports of Baitullah's death are false, sources say

September 29, 2008:

Pakistan engages the tribes in effort to fight the Taliban

September 27, 2008:

US, Iraq step up operations against Iranian terror groups

September 26, 2008:

Pakistani police capture al Qaeda's Karachi commander

September 25, 2008:

Al Qaeda-linked suspects emerge in Islamabad Marriott attacks

September 23, 2008:

Tough talk after the Marriott bombing, but can Pakistan deliver?

September 22, 2008:

Pakistani military fires on US helicopters at border

Mystery surrounds hijacked Iranian ship

Iraqi Security Forces develop logistics capabilities

September 21, 2008:

Bombing at Islamabad Marriott latest in string of complex terror attacks

September 20, 2008:

40 Killed in Islamabad suicide attack

September 19, 2008:

US strikes in Pakistan aimed at stopping the next Sept. 11 attack

September 17, 2008:

US strikes Taliban camp in South Waziristan

US Embassy in Yemen targeted in complex assault

September 16, 2008:

US sanctions Iranian general for aiding Iraqi terror groups

Pakistani forces ordered to 'open fire' on US forces crossing the border

September 15, 2008:

Shabaab vows to close Mogadishu's airport

Report: US helicopters fired on while crossing Pakistani border

September 14, 2008:

Who is Abu Omar al Baghdadi?

September 13, 2008:

Multiple blasts rock New Delhi

September 12, 2008:

US hits compound in North Waziristan

September 11, 2008:

Letters from al Qaeda leaders show Iraqi effort is in disarray

September 10, 2008:

Taliban attack mosque kills 25 in Pakistan

Iraq strengthens the Counter Terrorism Bureau

September 9, 2008:

Haqqanis attack Pakistani forces in North Waziristan

Haqqani's main madrassa hit in North Waziristan attack

September 8, 2008:

Islamic Emirate of Somalia imminent as Shabaab races to consolidate power

US targets Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

September 7, 2008:

Taliban suicide bombers target senior Afghan police chief

Pakistan reopens vital border crossing to NATO

September 6, 2008:

Suicide bombing kills 30 in Pakistan's northwest

Afghanistan: Provincial intelligence chief killed in Taliban suicide bombing

Pakistan closes Torkham border crossing, shuts down NATO's supply line

September 5, 2008:

US airstrike kills 5 al Qaeda operatives in North Waziristan

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: September 2008 update

September 4, 2008:

Report: US airstrike kills 4 in North Waziristan

Coalition: Senior Taliban leaders killed in Kapisa province

September 3, 2008:

Taliban take credit for assassination attempt on Pakistan's prime minister

Pakistanis claim US helicopter-borne forces assaulted village in South Waziristan

September 2, 2008:

Saudi al Qaeda commander killed in Afghan clash

Shabaab reaches out to al Qaeda senior leaders, announces death al Sudani

September 1, 2008:

Senior al Qaeda operative killed in Somalia

US detains 7 League of the Righteous operatives in Iraq


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