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May 31, 2008:

Operation to clear the Mahdi Army in Baghdad's Shula neighborhood on hold

Descent into Appeasement

Pakistani Taliban commander spends $45 million yearly

May 29, 2008:

Negotiations with the Taliban under way in Kohat

"Key" Special Groups financier captured south of Baghdad

May 28, 2008:

Pakistan strikes deal with the Taliban in Mohmand

Iraqi Army clashes with Mahdi Army in eastern Baghdad

May 27, 2008:

Iraqi Special Forces capture Special Groups commander in Baghdad

May 25, 2008:

Taliban commander Qari Hussain survived military operation in Waziristan

In Pictures: Eastern Afghanistan's most wanted

May 24, 2008:

Senior Algerian al Qaeda operative killed in May 14 strike inside Pakistan

Iraqi Army dismantles Mahdi Army caches in Sadr City

May 23, 2008:

Pakistani Taliban leader vows to conduct attacks in Afghanistan

May 22, 2008:

Coalition and Taliban vie for control of southwestern Afghanistan in Nimroz province

May 21, 2008:

Pakistani government inks peace deal with Swat Taliban

US military killed Mahdi Army commander Arkan Hasnawi in May 3 strike

May 20, 2008:

Afghanistan: Graphing the violence - week 20

Iraqi Army presses into Sadr City

Pakistan frees former Guantanamo prisoner, Afghan Taliban commander

May 19, 2008:

Al Qaeda "Prince" reported captured in Mosul

May 18, 2008:

Taliban suicide bomber kills 13 in Mardan

May 17, 2008:

Pakistan close to inking peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud

May 16, 2008:

Operation Lion's Roar nets more than 1,000 suspects

May 15, 2008:

Attacks decrease in Sadr City; fighting shifts to western Baghdad

In Pictures: From Rusafa to Sadr City

May 14, 2008:

Missile strike against Taliban safe house in Bajaur, Pakistan

May 13, 2008:

Clashes continue in Sadr City

60 killed, 200 wounded in multiple bombings in India

Al Qaeda operatives killed in Afghanistan were Saudis

May 12, 2008:

In Pictures: Patrolling the Shorja Market with the Sons of Iraq

Senior Afghan officials sacked, questioned over Kabul attack

May 11, 2008:

Pakistani Taliban, Iraqi al Qaeda operatives killed in Afghanistan

Operations continue in Sadr City

May 10, 2008:

Sadrist bloc buckles, agrees to let Iraqi Army in Sadr City

May 9, 2008:

US Special Forces fighting inside Sadr City

US military denies al Qaeda leader al Masri is in custody

May 8, 2008:

Abu Ayyub al Masri, al Qaeda in Iraq's leader, reported captured in Mosul

19 Mahdi Army fighters killed during Baghdad battles

May 7, 2008:

Targeting al Qaeda in Iraq's network, April-May 2008

May 6, 2008:

US, Iraqi forces kill 18 Mahdi fighters during clashes, raids in Baghdad

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3-89 Cavalry conducts operations targeting Mahdi Special Groups in northern Rusafa

May 5, 2008:

Mahdi Army takes a hit in Baghdad, Basrah

May 4, 2008:

Baghdad police show progress, but challenges remain

May 3, 2008:

GMLRS strike knocks out Special Groups command center in Sadr City

Iraqis begin to 'despise' the Mahdi Army in Baghdad's Rusafa district

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: May 2008 Update

May 2, 2008:

Sadr City barrier 'a magnet' for Mahdi Army attacks

May 1, 2008:

US troops kill 28 Mahdi fighters in Sadr City

US airstrike kills leader of Shabaab movement in Somalia


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