April 2008 Archives

April 30, 2008:

Maliki vows to pursue militias

In Pictures: MEDEVAC missions in Afghanistan

April 29, 2008:

Kapisa province: The Taliban's gateway to Kabul

US troops kill 28 Mahdi fighters during Sadr City ambush

April 28, 2008:

US, Iraqi troops killed 41 Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad clashes

April 27, 2008:

Clashes ongoing in Sadr City

President Karzai escapes assassination bid, parliamentarian killed

April 26, 2008:

Maliki offers Sadr an out: disarm the Mahdi Army

April 25, 2008:

Sadr calls for freeze in fighting; US, Iraqi forces kill 14 Mahdi fighters in Baghdad

April 24, 2008:

US, Iraqi forces engage Mahdi Army in Baghdad, Rashidiyah, Hussaniyah

Yemen spirals toward disintegration

Pakistan is negotiating a new peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud

April 23, 2008:

Ultimatum issued to Mahdi Army in Basrah; 15 Mahdi fighters killed in Sadr City

April 22, 2008:

Pakistan pushes peace with the Taliban

The Real Surge Continues: Iraqi Army Corps Formation

April 21, 2008:

Pakistan releases Taliban leader, signs peace deal with outlawed Taliban group

April 20, 2008:

Sadr threatens new uprising; Iraqi and US forces press attack

April 19, 2008:

Al Qaeda in Yemen: mercenaries or terrorists?

Iraqi troops advance against Mahdi Army in Basrah

April 17, 2008:

Sadrists vow to keep the Mahdi Army

Bara bin Malek Front commander killed in Pakistani shootout

April 16, 2008:

Targeting al Qaeda in Iraq's network, March-April 2008

April 15, 2008:

Iraqi, US troops press forward against the Mahdi Army in Baghdad and Basrah

April 14, 2008:

When Sons of Iraq grow up

April 13, 2008:

Iraqi government: "We will continue until we secure Sadr City"

April 12, 2008:

US, Iraqi troops prepare the battlefield in Sadr City

April 11, 2008:

Fighting erupts in Sadr City after Sadr aide killed

April 10, 2008:

New Pakistani government seeks peace with the Taliban

April 9, 2008:

Ayatollah Sistani on the Mahdi Army: "the law is the only authority in the country"

April 8, 2008:

Clashes continue in Baghdad, Basrah

Iraq by the numbers: April 2008

April 7, 2008:

Violence explodes on multiple fronts in Yemen

Coalition airstrike targeted Hekmatyar loyalists

Iraqi government moves to sideline Sadrists, Mahdi Army

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: April 2008 Update

April 6, 2008:

US, Iraqi Army clash with Mahdi Army in Sadr City

April 5, 2008:

Afghanistan: Graphing the violence

April 4, 2008:

A look at Operation Knights' Assault

April 2, 2008:

Iraqi military continues operations in Basrah

April 1, 2008:

Yemeni Mobilizes Military to Quell Riots


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