March 2008 Archives

March 31, 2008:

Maliki: "Security operations in Basra will continue"

March 30, 2008:

Sadr orders followers to end fighting

In Pictures: Iranian munitions seized in Iraq

March 29, 2008:

Mahdi Army taking significant casualties in Baghdad, South

March 28, 2008:

Fighting in Baghdad, South against Mahdi Army completes fourth day

In Pictures: A memorial ceremony at FOB Salerno, Afghanistan

March 27, 2008:

Massive protest in south Yemen

March 26, 2008:

Iraqi security forces battle the Mahdi Army

In Pictures: Inside the Bridge

March 25, 2008:

Improving Mosul's security and the road to Tal Afar

March 23, 2008:

In Pictures: Suicide car bomb attack at Combat Outpost Inman

Suicide car bomb attack killed 13 Iraqi soldiers in Mosul

March 22, 2008:

Unsteady peace in war-torn north Yemen

March 21, 2008:

In Pictures: The Spear Brigade

Tension and tea along the Pakistani border

March 20, 2008:

Relieved of command

Inside the Bridge: Behind the scenes of a strike into Pakistan

March 19, 2008:

Important Taliban commander for northwestern Afghanistan arrested

March 18, 2008:

Training the Iraqi Army

March 17, 2008:

In Pictures: The 2nd Iraqi Army Division and the Ninewa Operational Command

March 16, 2008:

Missile strike kills 20 in South Waziristan

March 15, 2008:

Islamabad bombing targets foreigners

March 14, 2008:

US captures senior al Qaeda leader Mohammad Rahim

Iraqi Army: Mosul archbishop died of natural causes

In Pictures: 2nd Battalion's Combat Outposts in Mosul

March 13, 2008:

Unprecedented Coalition strike nails the Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

Mosul's archbishop executed by kidnappers

In Pictures: Patrolling the Pakistani border

March 12, 2008:

In Pictures: Anatomy of an IED

Haqqani Network compound pounded by Coalition strike

March 11, 2008:

Walling Mosul

Dual suicide bombings in Lahore kill 28

March 10, 2008:

Targeting Mosul's kidnappers

March 8, 2008:

In Pictures: Jemaah Islamiyah

March 7, 2008:

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: March 2008 Update

March 6, 2008:

Gadahn death rumors continue to surface

March 5, 2008:

Coalition targets al Qaeda's network in the Iraqi North

March 4, 2008:

Seven killed in suicide bombing at Pakistani Navy War College

Al Qaeda leader Saleh target of US airstrike in southern Somalia

March 3, 2008:

US airstrike hits al Qaeda safe house in Somalia

March 2, 2008:

Taliban attack tribal meeting in Kohat

March 1, 2008:

Two Saudi al Qaeda operatives killed in Mosul

US troops capture recruiter of female suicide bombers north of Baghdad


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