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July 31, 2007:

Pakistan: A new Red Mosque is established in the tribal agencies

July 29, 2007:

Chairman of Afghanistan's Taliban military council killed

July 27, 2007:

Islamists retake Red Mosque; Suicide attack in Islamabad

July 25, 2007:

Fighting continues in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province

July 24, 2007:

Pakistani Taliban commander Abdullah Mehsud killed during raid

July 22, 2007:

Taliban take credit for suicide attacks in Pakistan

July 20, 2007:

Pakistan: Negotiating with the Taliban, again

July 19, 2007:

PMI fundraising challenge

The Taliban suicide campaign is in full swing in Pakistan

July 18, 2007:

Ambush in North Waziristan kills 17 soldiers

Islamic State of Iraq - an al Qaeda front

July 17, 2007:

Suicide bombing at Islamabad courthouse kills 13

July 16, 2007:

Pakistan attempts to revive the Waziristan Accord

July 15, 2007:

Two more suicide strikes in Pakistan's northwest [Updated]

July 14, 2007:

Suicide bomber kills 24 Pakistani troops in Northwest Frontier Province

July 13, 2007:

Al Qaeda and its role in the Iraq insurgency

July 12, 2007:

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Iraq and benchmarks, a mixed assessment

Iraqi National Police Training

July 10, 2007:

Red Mosque leader Abdul Rasheed Ghazi killed during assault

July 9, 2007:

The assault on the Red Mosque has begun

July 8, 2007:

Muqtada al Sadr back in Iran

July 7, 2007:

Swat joins Talibanistan

July 6, 2007:

Pakistan may capitulate to the Red Mosque

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: July 2007 Update

Assassination attempt against Pakistan's President

July 5, 2007:

The battle at the Red Mosque

July 4, 2007:

Red Mosque cleric Abdul Aziz captured wearing burka

A day's fighting at Islamabad's Red Mosque

July 3, 2007:

Coalition Forces Rout al Qaeda Elements South of Ramadi

Clash at Islamabad's Red Mosque

Training the Iraqi National Police

July 2, 2007:

Iran, Hezbollah train Iraqi Shia "Secret Cells"


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