May 2007 Archives

May 31, 2007:

Awakening in Babil

May 30, 2007:

Al Qaeda targets the Salahadin Salvation Council

May 29, 2007:

The Intellectual Grunt - Part One

A look at the surge from Baghdad

May 27, 2007:

Grandkids and War Zones

May 26, 2007:

Attacking Sadr's Mahdi Army

Pakistan: Hostage of the Taliban

May 25, 2007:

Sadr returns from Iran

May 24, 2007:

Al Qaeda strikes a funeral in Fallujah

May 23, 2007:

Bad news in the search for three missing soldiers

May 21, 2007:

The Baghdad Security Operation Order of Battle: May 21, 2007

Azhar al-Dulaimi, the tactical commander of the Karbala PJCC attack, killed

May 20, 2007:

Diyala on the horizon

May 19, 2007:

Seven days of searching in the Triangle of Death and beyond [Updated]

May 18, 2007:

Pakistan's Decline: Curfew in Tank; Faqir pardoned

May 17, 2007:

The search in the Triangle of Death continues

May 15, 2007:

Report: Closing in on Al Qaeda in the Triangle

May 14, 2007:

Pakistan Unraveling

The Baghdad Security Operation Order of Battle: May 14, 2007

May 13, 2007:

Mullah Dadullah, Taliban top commander, killed in Helmand

May 12, 2007:

Five soldiers killed, 3 kidnapped near Mahmudiyah

May 11, 2007:

Anbar Rising

May 10, 2007:

The Diyala Salvation Front

May 8, 2007:

OPSEC, the OOBs and the Myopic Mis-Focus of Security Personnel

May 7, 2007:

Bing West's Iraq Report

The Baghdad Security Operation Order of Battle: May 7, 2007

May 6, 2007:

Taliban Operation in Bajaur

Al Qaeda in Iraq High Value Target update

May 3, 2007:

The Sunni Awakening

Unconfirmed report: Abu Omar al Baghdadi killed; Al Qaeda's information minister confirmed killed

May 2, 2007:

Iraq Security Forces OOB: May 2007 Update

The Anbar Salvation Council goes expeditionary

May 1, 2007:

Unconfirmed report: Al Qaeda in Iraq al-Masri killed


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