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January 31, 2007:

Radio Appearance - Washington Post Radio

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law, killed in Madagascar

January 30, 2007:

Pentagon investigating Iran's Qods Force role in Karbala attack

Jaish al-Janna and Najaf

January 29, 2007:

Pakistan's Insurgency, Continued

Iraqi Army battles Shia cult, Sunni insurgents in Najaf

January 28, 2007:

Pakistan's Insurgency

January 26, 2007:

The Karbala attack and the IRGC

Pressuring the Islamic Republic of Iran

January 24, 2007:

Inside the MTTs in Anbar

January 23, 2007:

Suicide Strike on Pakistani Army in North Waziristan

January 22, 2007:

The Iraqi Army and the MTT in Khalidiya

January 20, 2007:

Patrolling with the Snake Eaters

January 19, 2007:

Habbaniyah and the 3/3-1 Snake Eaters

January 18, 2007:

Back in Iraq

January 17, 2007:

High Value Targets

Reviewing the Waziristan Accord: Negotiating with the Taliban Shura

January 16, 2007:

Pakistan hits al Qaeda, Taliban camp; Taliban spokesman captured

An Interview with PFC Alanko

The Fall of Ras Kamboni

January 14, 2007:

Iranian Qods Force Agents Detained in Irbil Raid

January 13, 2007:

From Waziristan to Afghanistan, and Back

January 12, 2007:

Pressuring Iran on Iraq

January 11, 2007:

Iraq: The greatest enemy is the time

NRO Symposium on the New Strategy for Iraq

January 10, 2007:

The New Iraq Strategy

U.S. Airstrikes Continue in Southern Somalia

January 9, 2007:

Iraqi Army goes on the offensive

U.S. Helicopters Pound al Qaeda Targets in Southern Somalia

The Pakistani Taliban Org Chart

January 8, 2007:

U.S. Gunship fires on al Qaeda Leader and Operative in Somalia

The Battle of Ras Kamboni

January 7, 2007:

Featured Embed Report: On Patrol with the Gators

January 6, 2007:

Iran and al Qaeda in Iraq

al Qaeda, Islamic Courts gather the new Somali Jihad

January 5, 2007:

Talibanistan Expands further into the NWFP

January 4, 2007:

Engaging the Islamic Courts at Ras Kamboni

The Rise & Fall of Somalia's Islamic Courts: An Online History

January 3, 2007:

Pakistan's Continuing Slide

Hunting the Islamic Courts on the Kenyan Border

January 2, 2007:

Pursuing the Islamic Courts

January 1, 2007:

The Islamic Courts Abandons Kismayo


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