December 2006 Archives

December 31, 2006:

The State of Jihad: 2006

December 30, 2006:

Countdown to Kismayo

December 29, 2006:

Martial Law in Somalia, Ethiopian forces mass south of Mogadishu

December 28, 2006:

The Islamic Courts Abandons Mogadishu

On the Hugh Hewitt Show

December 27, 2006:

The Fall of the Islamic Courts

December 26, 2006:

Islamic Courts in Retreat in Somalia

December 25, 2006:

Al-Zawraa Responds to Muj TV

The TFG and Ethiopia Punch back in Somalia

December 24, 2006:

The Battle of Somalia

December 23, 2006:

Washington Post Radio, and Merry Christmas

Taliban Commander Mullah Akhtar Usmani Killed in Airstrike

The Battle of Baidoa

December 22, 2006:

An Interview with Captain Eric Coulson

Anbar Province and the Iraq Study Group Report

December 20, 2006:

Somalia Panel Discussion

December 19, 2006:

Spirit of America at Work in Fallujah

The Military Transition Teams and the Development Iraqi Army

December 16, 2006:


December 14, 2006:

Battling the Insurgency in Fallujah

December 12, 2006:

Embed Update, CSM & Pakistan

Spirit of America in Anbar

December 10, 2006:

al-Zawraa: Muj TV

December 9, 2006:

Hearts & Minds

December 8, 2006:

A Day Inside Fallujah

December 6, 2006:

Fallujah Today, and on Route Mobile

Philippine Forces Score Victory Against RSM

December 4, 2006:

"Apostate Hell in Somalia"

December 3, 2006:

The Military and The Media

December 2, 2006:

Baghdad Bombings in Shia Markets

Somalia's Second Suicide Bombing

December 1, 2006:

Hunting the Takfiris in Iraq


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Pakistan: Mullah Omar is here, but isn't a threat

Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia attacks medical students

AFP quotes Lashkar-e-Taiba on Swiss minaret ban and "inter-faith harmony"

WSJ: Obama to oppose expansion of Afghan security forces

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