November 2006 Archives

November 30, 2006:

The Taliban Press

November 29, 2006:

Embed Update

Pakistan's Slide

November 28, 2006:

Anbar, the Washington Post and the Devlin Report

November 26, 2006:

Anbar: The Abu Soda Tribe vs. al Qaeda

Chechen al Qaeda Emir Abu Hafs Killed

November 24, 2006:

Al-Qaeda Attacks Sadr City, Tal Afar

November 23, 2006:

Chechen Terrorist Doku Umarov may be wounded, surrounded

November 22, 2006:

The Anbar Tribes vs. al Qaeda, Continued

November 21, 2006:

More Raids in Sadr City

Islamic Courts on the Offensive

Pakistan's Suicide Squad

November 20, 2006:

Ethiopian Convoy Ambushed in Aweys' "Greater Somalia"

November 19, 2006:

Fighting the Sunni Insurgency

CTC and The Militant Ideology Atlas

November 18, 2006:

Iraq Embed Update

Bombings, al Qaeda Recruiting in Pakistan

November 17, 2006:

Podcast on Iraq at

Iraq: Ramping Up or Drawing Down Forces, and the Baker Report

November 16, 2006:

The Somali Jihad

November 15, 2006:

The Wazristan Accords in the News

November 14, 2006:

The Baghdad Kidnapping

Expanding Talibanistan

Iran's Involvement in Somalia, with al Qaeda

November 13, 2006:

Al-Qaeda Commander Abu Nasir al-Qahtani Captured

November 12, 2006:

Puntland, Somalia Clash south of Galkayo; Iran's Hand

November 10, 2006:

The al-Masri Victory Speech

Dargai and AQAM

November 9, 2006:

CFR: Pakistan's Tribal Areas

The Future of the Iraq Strategy

November 8, 2006:

Suicide Strike Kills 42 Pakistani Soldiers in Dargai

November 7, 2006:

Islamic Courts, Puntland forces Battle in Central Somalia

November 6, 2006:

NRO Symposium: The Saddam Hussein Verdict.

November 5, 2006:

Embedding in Iraq

Inside Iraq

November 4, 2006:

The Taliban Regroups in Bajaur

November 3, 2006:

The Somalia Showdown

November 2, 2006:

Pushing Forward with the Bajaur Accord

The Taliban Return to Musa Qala

November 1, 2006:

Pakistani Terror Groups Openly Involved in Bajaur Protests


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Pakistan: Mullah Omar is here, but isn't a threat

Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia attacks medical students

AFP quotes Lashkar-e-Taiba on Swiss minaret ban and "inter-faith harmony"

WSJ: Obama to oppose expansion of Afghan security forces

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