March 2006 Archives

March 31, 2006:

The Battle for Baghdad

March 30, 2006:

Springtime in Afghanistan

March 29, 2006:

Powerplay II

March 28, 2006:

Iraqi Army & al Qaeda Offensives

Inside the UIA

March 27, 2006:


March 26, 2006:

Iraq (with a U.S. Assist) vs. the Mahdi Army, Take Two

U.S. vs. the Mahdi Army

The Forgotten War In Central Asia Continues

March 24, 2006:

Operation Scorpion

Northern Lights & Other Counterinsurgency Ops

March 23, 2006:

The Forgotten War in Central Asia

March 22, 2006:

Afghan Army Battles Taliban at Border Crossing?

More Coalition & Insurgent Ops

March 21, 2006:

Iraq Operations Update

National Review Online Symposium

March 20, 2006:

More on "Civil War" in Iraq

Notes, Video & Transcripts from CNN Appearance

March 18, 2006:

Swarmer & Media Coverage

More Problems in Western Pakistan

March 17, 2006:

Update on Operation Swarmer

Operation Swarmer: Legit or Theater?

March 16, 2006:

Operation Swarmer Near Samarra

Swearing In Parliament and Mini-Tet Foiled

March 15, 2006:

"Civil War" & Where's Zarqawi?

March 14, 2006:

Dismantling JMB in Bangladesh

March 13, 2006:

Springtime Offensives in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Activities in Iraq

March 11, 2006:

Consolidating Power in Talibanistan

March 10, 2006:

Iraq Update

March 8, 2006:

Consolidating Success in Western Anbar

March 7, 2006:

More Sunni - al Qaeda Divisions: The Real Civil War

March 6, 2006:

The Rise of Talibanistan

Bangla Bhai Arrested in Bangladesh

March 5, 2006:

Air Assault in the Triangle of Death

Killing a Diplomat

March 4, 2006:

Sectarian Violence or al Qaeda Attacks?

March 3, 2006:

Searching for the Sheikh of Slaughters

Operations in Jazerra Region

March 2, 2006:

U.S. Diplomat Murdered by Pakistani al Qaeda Suicide Bomber

International Islamist Front's Bangladeshi Commander Captured

Saudi Arabia and Jordan Strike at al Qaeda

March 1, 2006:

Pakistan's On-again, Off-again Border War


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Pakistan: Mullah Omar is here, but isn't a threat

Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia attacks medical students

AFP quotes Lashkar-e-Taiba on Swiss minaret ban and "inter-faith harmony"

WSJ: Obama to oppose expansion of Afghan security forces

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