January 2006 Archives

January 31, 2006:

Joining al Qaeda, Declining al Qaeda

January 30, 2006:

Operations and Negotiations in Iraq

January 28, 2006:

False Foreign Fighter Report

January 26, 2006:

The Iraqi Insurgent Divide Widens

January 25, 2006:

The Pakistani Frontier

January 24, 2006:

Iraqis vs. al Qaeda, Continued

January 23, 2006:

Bangladeshi Terrorist Commander Believed Captured in India

January 22, 2006:

Faultlines in Iraq's Islamist Insurgency

January 21, 2006:

Developments in Damadola

January 20, 2006:

Election Results; Iraqis Fight al Qaeda

January 19, 2006:

Two more al Qaeda Commanders believed killed in Damadola

al Qaeda, Taliban Suicide Attacks Unpopular in Afghanistan

January 18, 2006:

al Qaeda Commanders al-Magrabi and Habib killed in Damadola

Abu Khabab al-Masri Killed in Pakistan Strike

Counterinsurgency Operations in Anbar

January 17, 2006:

Hunting Zawahiri and al Qaeda on the Border

January 16, 2006:

Security Incidents in Iraq

January 15, 2006:

Zawahiri, and al Qaeda's Future Plans

January 14, 2006:

al Qaeda Attacked: Zawahiri Dead?

January 13, 2006:

The Iraqi Police and Continuing Operations

January 12, 2006:

al Qaeda vs. the Iraqi Insurgency

January 11, 2006:

A Look Ahead: Fighting the Insurgency in Iraq

January 10, 2006:

The Waziristan Problem

January 9, 2006:

al Qaeda Attacks the Iraqi Police

January 8, 2006:

The Easy Way

January 6, 2006:

Blowback from the Ramadi Attack

January 5, 2006:

al Qaeda Counteroffensive

January 4, 2006:

Ramadi Operations Continue

January 3, 2006:

Global War, Global Enemy

January 2, 2006:

A Failed Offensive


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