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December 2005 Archives

December 31, 2005:


The Future Fight in Iraq

December 30, 2005:

Counterterrorism Efforts in Arabia

December 28, 2005:

Post Election Developments

December 27, 2005:

Disinformation Operations

December 21, 2005:

Progress in Iraq

December 19, 2005:

Operation Moonlight, with a Twist

December 18, 2005:

al Qaeda's Democracy Problem

December 17, 2005:

Election Reflections

December 15, 2005:

Voting in Barwana

December 13, 2005:

Jihadis, Elections and Ramadi

December 12, 2005:

An Interview with Major General Huck

December 11, 2005:

On Route Michigan

December 10, 2005:

A Shift in Operations

December 8, 2005:

Afternoon with the Azerbaijani

December 7, 2005:

On the Offensive in Ramadi

December 6, 2005:

Patrolling Haqlaniyah

December 5, 2005:

On the Euphrates

December 4, 2005:

After Rivergate

December 3, 2005:

The Teufelhunden of the 3/6

December 2, 2005:

The Ramadi Debacle

December 1, 2005:

The Sulemani


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