November 2005 Archives

November 30, 2005:

Transferring Control

Operation Iron Hammer in Hit

November 29, 2005:

Combined Forces

November 28, 2005:

Walking Husaybah

The Hounds of Husaybah

November 27, 2005:

Steel Curtain Unmasked

November 25, 2005:

Terrorists' Toys For Tots

November 23, 2005:

Operational Issues

November 21, 2005:

Missing Zarqawi

November 20, 2005:

Rumor and Combat

November 18, 2005:

"Operation Steel Curtain Continues" in Rammanah

November 17, 2005:

A Journey to Iraq, One Week and Counting

Ramadi: North, South, East and West, and Operation Panther

November 16, 2005:

Fighting in Ubaydi and Reconstruction in Western Iraq

November 15, 2005:

Steel Curtain Update: Slugging it out in Ubaydi, Running with the Sheep

The Battle in Ubaydi

November 14, 2005:

"Operation Steel Curtain Continues" In Ubaydi

November 13, 2005:

"Operation Steel Curtain Continues"

November 11, 2005:

Ramadi Revisited; Cracks in Jihad

November 10, 2005:

The Wrath of Zarqawi, The Ruin of Zarqawi

Steel Curtain Moves to Karabilah

November 8, 2005:

"Husaybah has been cleared and secured" - An Interview with Col Davis

Co-opting the Sunni Insurgency's Leadership

November 7, 2005:

Day Three of Steel Curtain

November 6, 2005:

In Context: Day Two of Steel Curtain in Husaybah and the Anbar Campaign

IEDs and Snipers in Ramadi

Steel Curtain and the Anbar Campaign

November 5, 2005:

Steel Curtain Update

Operation Steel Curtain in Husaybah

November 4, 2005:

An Iraq Roundup

November 3, 2005:

The Arrest of Abu Musab al-Suri?

Splitting the Sunni's Insurgency

November 2, 2005:


November 1, 2005:

Operation Raging Bull & the Palestine Hotel



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