September 2005 Archives

September 30, 2005:

The Waiting Game in Qaim

September 29, 2005:

Controlling Ramadi

September 28, 2005:

Operation Hunter Redux

September 27, 2005:

Who was Abdullah Abu Azzam al-Iraqi?

The Chopping Block

September 26, 2005:

The Demise of Abu Azzam

al Qaeda Commander and 20 Terrorists Killed in Raid

September 25, 2005:

The Anbar Campaign Continues

September 23, 2005:

Clashes in Ramadi

Northern Exposure

September 22, 2005:

Revisting Samarra

September 21, 2005:

Recent Iraq Operations - A Flash Presentation

Enter Operation Sayaid (Hunter)

Continuing the Hunt

September 20, 2005:

Canceling the Civil War?

The "Resurgence" of the Taliban

September 19, 2005:

Abu Khabab and Project al-Zabadi

North Korea to End Nuke Program

Toothless Taliban

September 18, 2005:

Chemical Games

September 17, 2005:

Continuing Ops In Tal Afar and Anbar

September 16, 2005:

Strikes in the Sunni Triangle

September 15, 2005:

Back to the Euphrates III: Samarra, Ramadi

Back to the Euphrates II

More Middlemen in Mosul; Back to the Euphrates

September 14, 2005:

Baghdad Battles

After Action Report: Oil Spots and Tal Afar

September 13, 2005:

More Ops at the Gateway to the Euphrates Ratline

Enter the 82nd in Tal Afar

Unsafe Havens

September 12, 2005:

A Fresh Offensive in Tal Afar

September 11, 2005:

Border Wars V - Operation Cyclone in Rutbah, Tal Afar, and more

September 10, 2005:

Border Shutdown West of Tal Afar

The Anbar Campaign Intensifies

September 9, 2005:

The "Islamic Republic of Qaim"

al Qaeda vs the Magic Kingdom

September 8, 2005:

The Battle for the Border IV

Balad of the Hellfire

A photo from the front

September 7, 2005:

Tal Afar: Calm Before the Storm in Sarai

September 6, 2005:

Qaim and the Big Picture

September 5, 2005:

Operation Restoring Rights in Tal Afar

September 3, 2005:

Battle along the Northern Ratline

September 2, 2005:

Tales of the Tape

September 1, 2005:

The Battle for the Border III


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