Snipers and the Targeting of Journalists

How has the enemy developed its tactics in Iraq? DefenseTech points us to a PowerPoint presentation for insurgent sniper training (the HTML version is available for those without PowerPoint). The presentation has some tried and true tactics for all snipers: target officers, communications and heavily armed soldiers; do not engage overly superior forces; target high value civilians over military; and other such information. The presentation lists the duties of the sniper and then has a question and answer section on "who would you kill first?"

Two items jump out in this slide show. In one of the "7 Duties of a Sniper", the trainees are encouraged to target non-combatant military personnel, in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions:

Killing doctors and chaplains is suggested as a means of psychological warfare.

In the "who would you kill first?" Q & A section, targeting journalists is explicitly encouraged. On the order of targeting:

The first one is the Soldier  because he has a MG [machine gun]. Then is the stupid soldier on the left. He is a very easy target (look how he is elevated from the ground), then the soldier or the reporter carrying the camera. First, because the camera can be used as binoculars; second, it is the most difficult thing to hide the death of a reporter in Iraq.

This is a clear and explicit policy to target journalists in a combat zone.

Where is Linda Foley's outrage over this?


READER COMMENTS: "Snipers and the Targeting of Journalists"

Posted by Vercingetorix at May 21, 2005 3:44 PM ET:

crickets...chirp, chirp...hmmmm

Posted by Kartik at May 21, 2005 4:32 PM ET:

Astonishing. These left-wing journalists are more interested in opposing Bush and the US military than exposing those who are actually trying to kill them.

Their ideological hatred supercedes even their desire for self-preservation (much like with Al-Qaeda terrorists). Maybe their DNA is preprogrammed to make them take actions that hasten their own demise. Perhaps this is merely nature's way of ensuring a continued filtering of refuse out of the gene pool as a process of evolution. Darwinian natural selection at work...

Posted by Richard Wing at May 21, 2005 4:53 PM ET:

Dear Mr. Roggio:
I am becoming more and more irritated at the PC for Islam witheach days news reports.....What follows is My thoughts & comments on Islam & response to a Belmont Club Post of 18 Feb. 2005:

At age 75 I don't plan on living long enough for it to matter much, and for a long time now I have believed that in our war-on-terror, we should fight fire with fire! This means that if insurgents blow up a Shiite mosque in Baghdad then we should blow up a Sunni mosque in Tikrit! If a cleric preaches sedition in a Mosque in Chicago, then He should be arrested, stripped of citizenship, and either deported or killed as a traitor! According to books written by Craig Winn, that the world is entering the "End Times" of the prophesy of the Bible, which calls for: 
1) Damascus to cease to exist
2) Parts of Israel will be ceded to Islamists
3) Rapture happens
4) War in Israel and the Middle East will take place
5) America will be pruned by war, infighting, sabotage, and attacks
All of the above is supposed to start happening in this decade  !

As I read of the stupidity of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the European nations on a daily basis giving more and more appeasement to the Islamic Jihadists, it is very easy to sit and watch this all lead to the Apocalypse forecast in the Bible! Since my goal is to live long enough to see it start, I fully expect to stand on my front lawn and watch the opening rounds before I die!

Let's start off with a little Q & A shall we .
1) Do you believe in God?
2) Do you believe that God loves his creation mankind...and is highly interested in what happens to man?
3) Are you a Christian believing that Jesus is the "Son of God" and the second person of the Holy Trinity of God?
4) Do you think Mohammad was a prophet and a good man who founded the Islamic Faith?
5) If you are Muslim, do you believe that "Allah" is another name for the same God Christians and Jews know as "Jehovah"?
6) Do you believe that the God you acknowledge is loving, merciful, and just?
7) Do you believe Islam allows for "moderate" peace loving Muslims in the Islamic faith?
8) Do you believe Islam respects womanhood?
9) Do you believe Islam is a religion of peace?
10) As a Christian, you are taught that you must follow the teachings of Christ to be saved. And the Catholic Church teaches that if you learn of the Christ you must follow his teachings to be saved! Therefore, if a devout Muslim learns of the teachings of Christ and still elects to follow the teachings of the Qua'ran, can he be expected to reap the rewards of heaven or the evils of hell when he dies?

After studying Islam and its Koran, after reading books by Serge Trifkovic The Sword of the Prophet and by
Craig Winn The Prophet of Doom and by Ralph Peters Beyond Terror, after reading articles by Steven DenBeste, Robert Spencer, Victor Davis Hanson, and many others fluent on the subject of Islamism, and after reading articles in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other prominent newspapers, and after digesting Blogs by Belmont Club, Brutally Honest, The New Sisyphus, The Daily Demarche, The Fourth Rail, Blue Sates Conservative, The Adventures of Chester, and Little Green footballs, and articles in The Frontpage Magazine, The Weekly Standard, as well as the MSM, I have come to some very basic conclusions about Islam, its founder, its followers, its sects, and its practitioners!.......
* That Islam is a religion created by Satan, and promulgated by Muhammad (a man possessed by the devil) and as designed brings hate, discontent, discord, and slavery to the people of the earth.
* That Allah is another name for Satan, and as a false god is an abomination before the one true God "Jehovah" (or "I Am" or the "Father in Heaven" -- the true loving and caring God of the Christian/Judeo Bible!
* That it's followers and practitioners do not at all recognize the ethics and mores of modern civilizations, and will not ever integrate into modern democratic society, but will always remain aloof and in direct confrontation with any society they are in the midst of, and will always be a threat to the democratic societies of America and Europe, Japan and India, and Australia, .places where people live free and pursue life, liberty, and happiness on their own terms!
* That Wahhabism is the strict fundamentalist version of the religion and will try always to impose its
form of faith, law, and worship upon all unbelievers!
* That the War-On-Terror is a war for survival which will last for a very long time (decades), be brutal in its waging, and not be finished until Islam is totally and completely destroyed and thus banished and removed from the face of the earth possibly through devastation of war or an Armageddon being visited upon the earth in the end time that is predicted!
• That Islam is the embodiment of all the evil of the world and must be destroyed and obliterated from the earth before peace can come to the world!

The Muslim Crusades
August 16th, 2004
Shortly after 9/11, explanations for the attacks fell into two broad categories: Terrorism is the result of a small minority of Muslim evildoers; or the US (and the West) deserved it....[redacted]

If you agree with my assessment of the problem, then say so, and tell me what you think we should do about it! If you disagree, then tell that also, but tell me where you think my conclusions are wrong!

One solution to the problem is found right in the Terrorist's own play-book  . Hire mercenaries to capture and eliminate
(assassinate) teachers from the madrasses and mosques who preach and promote this evil  . If they should extort a million or more dollars from the relatives or associates in the process, this is okay, too!

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. --- John Stuart Mill (1806-1873

Am I alone in my conclusions and the way I now think of ISLAM? I'd sure like to see a poll of others who have similar thoughts and ideas!
R.A. Wing

Posted by Marvin at May 21, 2005 9:36 PM ET:

Mr. Wing,

While your frustration is quite clear, and in large part justifiable, it is my belief that one should refrain from painting a religion (and thereby all its adherents) with such a broad rush. It is true that a portion of those who call themselves Muslims embody what to many is the essence of evil, it is unwise and, frankly, wrong to condemn the religion and its believers for the actions of men.

Terrorism is truly an evil upon the earth, and as Islamist spread the hatred and vitriol that fuels the willingness to die committing acts of terror, we are challenged to show even greater moral clarity in our response. Yes, we should fight fire with fire, but not indiscriminately. Whether in word or deed, the people of the U.S. and Christians such as yourself, are better served to direct our anger and our responses to those who are responsible for Islamic Terror rather than at Islam or Muslims in general.

History and current events both show the potential for using religion as a tool for achieving the goals of men. In the end it is that sin that the terrorist commit against God that they will have to answer for, and one we should avoid.

Posted by Richard Wing at May 21, 2005 9:49 PM ET:

My response to you the Koran and point out to me anything that is not evil in their book! Anyone who follows the rules and admonitions therein has to be anti-american, anti-freedom and anti-demoncratic or they are labeled a heretic and are shunned or worse. Read and heed, friend, the writings I refer to so that you may understand our enemy!

Posted by Marvin at May 21, 2005 10:33 PM ET:

Thanks for your suggestion Richard. It just so happens that I have read the Qur'an, on more than one occasion (as well as multiple translations of the meaning into English).

Thanks for commenting at the Fourth Rail.

Posted by Marlin at May 21, 2005 11:16 PM ET:

This is a little off topic, but for all those interested in Operation Matador there is a great e-mail from a Marine posted over at Little Green Footballs.

Posted by BR at May 22, 2005 6:11 AM ET:

Thank you, Bill Roggio, for this post. I have quoted it and linked it in the comments section in this thread at wizbangblog.

Posted by Richard Wing at May 22, 2005 11:05 AM ET:

To Marvin:
I apologize for the terse, brief response to your reply to my comment. Here is a a better answer to what you comment....
Your comment shows a woeful lack of understanding and education on the subject. You really are just parroting the screed of the Islamist propagandists and anti-war activist cowards who play directly into our enemies hands and avoid confronting the fact that the fundamental source of all this evil and those that perpetrate it on the innocent are the mosques and madrasses that indoctrinate their Muslims followers with the call to Jihad.
Also, you overlook the fact that one can, by choice or intimidation, join Islam, but cannot, when disillusioned leave without being labeled Apostat and suffering pain of torture, mutilation, and/or death ...a real incentive to remain and do what one is told whether one likes it or not. This is full loss of freedom!
Now it is time to reread the Koran, (its all there in black and white) as well as some of the other articles and books I cite to fully understand the enemy we face. Then maybe you can bring some refutation or valuable criticism to the table for discussion. Blaming the actual perpetrator of the evil deeds done in the name of this "religion" is not going to solve the problem. Only abolition and elimination of the source of their recruitment and instruction, (the mosques, madrasses, mullahs, sheiks, and clerics who train and forment this evil) will cause the evil to disappear!
I stated in my opening remarks that this war-on- terror is a war for survival which will last for a very long time (decades), be brutal in its waging, and not be finished until Islam is totally and completely destroyed and thus banished and removed from the face of the earth through a devastating war! It is easy to conceive that half the earth's population will perish during this war (some 2 to 3 billion people) because of the magnitude of the struggle. Also, it is not through our army, (500,000 strong) or through our AirForce of 10,000 planes, or through our Navy of 10 to 12 carrier task forces that we can wage and be victorious in such a battle, but rather through our submarine fleet of some 60 or more nuclear powered and nuclear armed boats that has the deciding power to win such a struggle as they ply the oceans of world, silent, unseen and unheralded! I stand by my description of Islam as the embodiment of all the evil of the world that must be destroyed and obliterated from the earth before peace can come to the world!

Think about all of it .then come back and tell me how you think we can avoid such a confrontation.

P.S. Bill Roggio....If you are reading this I'd like to suggest you expand upon this theme in some of your regular posts and bring more people into the discussion.

Posted by Bill Roggio at May 22, 2005 12:18 PM ET:

Richard Wing,

Besides your post being completely off topic, it is 180 degrees from my thinking. I find it abhorent and repugnant to suggest extermination billions of people just as much as I find the pacifist approach to be naive.

Your ideas make are no better than ideas of the enemy we fight. They also wish to destroy our civilization. But, as Iraq shows, they are a small percentage of the population, and they need to be routed out.

I will not expand upon this theme because it is a belief system I do not share.

And do not accuse those whowrite for this site as Islamist propagandists. You know nothing about who they are, and do not pretend you do. Bill, Marvin, Justin and I are committed to victory. We just don't happen to believe every single Muslim is worthy of death in your perverted war.

Posted by The Redhunter at May 22, 2005 9:05 PM ET:

Dittos to Marvin and Bill. Especially to Bill's last comment. 'nuf said there.

As for the sniper issue, yes that is just like the enemy we've been facing. I recall reading time and time again during the actual invasion how insurgents would hide behind women and children, then, when we did an "end around" would immediately surrender. Cowards.