One Year

Today is the one year blogiversary for The Fourth Rail. At the risk of rambling on like an Oscar’s acceptance speech, I have to thank those who helped me get started. The blogosphere is an interesting and wonderful place, filled with people willing to help you along the way. Without ado:

• Brian B., a friend I have been debating and sharing information with since prior to 9-11. Our informal email discussions were the seeds of this blog, and he has helped me every step of the way, with suggestions, editing and ideas.
• Glenn Reynolds, whose Instapundit blog was the first blog I ever read.
Doug Anderson, who emailed me and encouraged me to start blogging after reading my comments in various posts at other blogs. You gave me the push I needed to start this blog, and have been a true friend throughout.
Brian Scott for helping me with my blog practically from day one (day three, actually), and for being a great friend.
Scott Elliott, for promoting this site early on and always had words of encouragement for me. Scott gave this blog prominent showing during the election season while he was compiling his astoundingly accurate Election Projection, and this site would not have gained the exposure without his help.
Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit, Betsy Newmark, Spoons, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit, Arthur Chrenkoff, Peter Daou and a host of others who linked to this site early and often.
• Brian Scott, Josh Manchester (AKA Chester), Blackfive, Charles Goggin, Cheryl, N.Z. Bear, Mike Krempasky, and La Shawn Barber for all of their efforts at Easongate. I could not have fought with a better group of bloggers. Also many thanks to the readers and supporters of Easongate.
• Joe Katzman at Winds of Change for inviting me to compile the Monday Winds of War. He runs the finest group blog on the War on Terror, and I am honored to be on this team.
• George G., another non-blogging friend, for editing numerous posts and providing input and ideas.
Daniel Drummond and Justin Blackburn for guest blogging at this site. Thanks for the relief, friendship and the fine posts.
evariste, for all of your technical assistance and for being a flexible and wonderful partner on the Monday Winds of War Briefing.
• The readers and commenters. You give me great feedback and come back for punishment, day in and day out. Thanks for your kind words, your feedback and for having faith in me.

Finally, no good “thank you” speech would be complete without the obligatory shout out to the wife. But in this case it is true. Thanks, Jennie, for giving me the time and encouragement to pursue this blog. You have made many sacrifices, been very understanding and patient listening to me discuss the blog. I could not ask for a better wife, friend and mother of my three beautiful children.


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