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February 27, 2005:

Dealing with the Devil

February 23, 2005:

The Syrian Keystone

February 22, 2005:

The Sunnis' Cards

February 21, 2005:

The Blitz

February 20, 2005:

The Grip on the Levant

February 18, 2005:

Courting Indian Country

February 10, 2005:


February 8, 2005:

Stalling for Time

February 1, 2005:

The Nature of the Beast


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LWJ at The Weekly Standard

Pakistan: Mullah Omar is here, but isn't a threat

Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia attacks medical students

AFP quotes Lashkar-e-Taiba on Swiss minaret ban and "inter-faith harmony"

WSJ: Obama to oppose expansion of Afghan security forces

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